Websites built to succeed

Companies and brands that care about their business want a custom website design. Successful brands want websites designed to leave an impression with their audience.

Its easy to start a website project these days, but vying for easy means your website looks like everyone else’s and doesn’t allow you to leave your mark. We want you to see the value in creating a high-quality, custom website.

Your website is the foundation of your brand, the platform for converting sales, and the means for reaching and building trust with your audience. If you care about the success of your brand then you don’t pick the cheapest theme or take the quickest route, you find a professional solution. You understand that a website is an investment that multiplies its worth.

“I agree, how can I contact you?” Let’s talk.


Professional design process

Your time is valuable. You can’t afford to waste your time learning how to do everything on your own, and hiring a professional should allow you to focus on other things, not add stress.

Our process is intentionally designed to take responsibility for the project and allow you to get back to focusing on your priorities.


Adopting a winning philosophy

Our team continues our design and development education so that we can pour our greatest knowledge and insights back into the work we do for you. Just as we care about doing our job to the best of our ability, we care about working on projects that can succeed. We don’t do “quick” or “cheap”. We look at your business goals and take on your project only if we believe we can help you to succeed. We believe that every project we work on deserves the best of our knowledge, ability, and focus.

Let’s talk about a project’s process.


Step 1: Preparing your project request

It’s not easy to describe a project, there’s so much to say and its not clear what to include or what to omit. We’ve created a detailed questionnaire to assist you. The information you provide is important, it will help us understand your project and if we’d be a good fit for working together.

We value projects that we can help succeed and so its important for us to be selective. How clear your goals are, your care for quality, your passion and involvement in your business, and how able you are to trust us as design professionals will be important elements in our decision to move forward or not.

We’ll respond to each request. If your project is promising then we’ll begin a more in-depth conversation.


Step 2: Project Discovery & Agreement

We’ll start by discussing the project in detail. Taking the time to assess your goals, expectations, and everyone’s role in the project will help to build trust and transparency vital to navigating a project with confidence.


Its vital for us to define your goals early on. Design Freund will consider these goals, using our experience and expertise to provide the best solution in return. We’ll continue to use these goals to set project expectations, influence design decisions, and measure the project’s success. It is important for your goals to be clear, measurable, and objective.

Pricing & Proposals

The discovery discussions will help us gain a thorough understanding of your project and the best solution, we won’t know the cost right off the bat.

We will provide an estimate and proposal after we understand your goals, set expectations, and define responsibilities. The proposal will make clear what our role in the project is, what you will receive, when you’ll receive it, how much it costs, and all of the important details.

Our work begins when a dually signed proposal and the first deposit invoice is received.


Step 3: Creation Process

Research, exploration, planning

It is our job to ensure that your website speaks to your audience. This starts with research. We’ll turn findings into ideas for the best solution. These ideas graduate into a designed structure and hierarchy of information and interaction.

We will review the results of this phase together before moving onto the design.


Our design decisions are based on your business goals. Industry, target audience, and brand will influence decisions, but ultimately our designs must serve the ultimate business goals.

Our process is made to ensure we cut out all ideas that will not work. It is our responsibility, as professional designers, to identify and create the solution that best meets your goals. We don’t subject you to design decisions, those are our responsibility. You hire us to discover, create, and apply the best solution, and for that reason we do not offer design options. We won’t design to please you, but rather your goals and your audience.

We conclude the design phase with a presentation of the website designs. All of our website designs are created with a variety of devices in mind, the design will look and function well no matter the device. With your approval, we move onto the website programming phase.

Programming & SEO

We build websites using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and other languages, applying the latest, trusted techniques and best practices.

SEO strategies are always changing, we keep up with the latest so that you don’t have to. Our websites are built to excel at Search Engine Optimization. We offer SEO training & SEO management services to keep your online impact growing.

Websites are a work in progress. Each of our websites has a behind-the-scenes dashboard that allows you the power to create, edit, and control your own content.

Before considering deployment, we’ll review the working website. We’ll seek your approval before we move onto publishing the new website.


Now we’re ready to publish. We’ll backup your existing website and publish the new website once the final payment is received. Once published, it will be ready to share with the world.

We’ll keep an eye on the website and provide support for the 30 days that follow.

Let’s work together



“not only talented, but great to work with, organized, and timeline oriented”


“just got a call from [competitor], he commented, at the end of the conversation, that [we] have a really great website. He went on to repeat the compliment. Love it coming from a competitor!”


[first day of launch] “we just closed a 7k window treatment sale from the homepage!”


“it’s been a couple of weeks that the site is up and the response has been extremely positive. Everyone loves it and is able to access the projects… which is one of the main things! So, just wanted to say thank you and great job! Super happy with the result 🙂 “

Work together.